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Community Development Grad Group Student Theses

Alford, Shani. "The 'Othering' Effect: A critical analysis of the financial state of two 'Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities' in the San Joaquin Valley." 2019.

Allen, Yvonne. "Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren: Educational Impacts in the Latina/o Community ." 2015.

Becerra, Carlos. "'We Wanted Employers, But We Got People Instead': Racialization of Immigrant Ethnicity and Occupational Attainment in the Western U.S. Labor Market." 2018

Boule, Danielle. "Beyond blank and white: Understanding the sociocultural dimensions of 'healthy' food access in South Sacramento." 2012.

Cole-Weiss, Alexandra. "Food, Politics, and Aesthetics: Communities of Sense in Sacramento Urban Gardens." 2016.

Dean, Michelle. "Foster Youth: Finding a Pathway to Higher Education." 2017.


Einterz, Frances. "Skim Milk Tastes Like Water: Assessing the Impact of a Nutrition Program for Women in the San Joaquin Valley." 2017

Ellsworth, Susan. "Growing at the Urban Edge: Enhancing Ecosystem Services Through Community Farms in Davis, California." 2011.

Erez, Galit. "Iraqi Resettlement in Sacramento: The Role of the State in Shaping Iraqi Refugees' Experiences." 2011.

Erica, Van Steenis. "Matters of Healing: A Community Based Organization that Works? An Ethnographic Case Study of Sunset Youth Services." 2014.

Façanha, Luisa Café Figueiredo. "Vidigal: Favela Fads? A case study on gentrification in a favela in Rio de Janeiro." 2019.

Harris, Therese. "'I Learn From You and You Learn From Me': The Importance of Women, Authentic Relationships, and a Holistic Approach to WaSH in Developing Countries." 2012.

Holmqvist, Alexandra. "The Effect of Inclusionary Zoning on Racial Integration, Economic Integration, and Access to Social Services: A Davis Case Study." 2011.

Johnson, Michael. "Economic Sustainability Meets Social Inclusion: The Implications of the Municipal Identification Card Program in the City of Oakland, California." 2012.

Jones, Erica. "Yolo County design guidelines." 2008.

Khan, Jamila. "Building Community Online: Social Media Use in Sacramento Area Neighborhood and Homeowner Associations." 2011.

Kingsley, J. Scarlett. "Animals in Cities: Histories, Welfare, and People." 2018.

LaRochelle, Margaret. "An Analysis of Youth Poems from River Words: Environmental Identity, Education, and Youth Development." 2010.

Lasiter, Tiva Jean. "Empowering Youth through Participatory Mural Making." 2013.

Li, Xijia (Annie). "Between Dream and Reality: Analysis of a Participatory Design Project." 2016.

Lopez Ramirez, Rosalba. "Deep Culture: With Wings On The Roots." 2014.

Louie, Brandon. "Healthy Participation: Youth-led Participatory Action Research and Community Health Promotion in West Sacramento." 2016.

Lupine, Ena. "Inclusionary Sustainability: Anti-Displacement Recommendations for California's Climate Investments." 2017

Lyons, Felicity. "Livestock Processing in the Sierra Foothills: An Evaluation of a Rural Development Project." 2012.

McGuire, Amy. "Social Capital Development in Youth Development Programming: A Case Study of California 4-H, Youth, Families and Communities Youth Development Program." 2012.

Metes, Jennifer. "Dead Birds, Data & Decision-Making: Ways the COASST Program & Agencies Interact Through Citizen Science." 2017.

Monroe, Abby. "Social Equity and EcoDistrict Development: Best Practices in Northern Europe and North America." 2012.

Mosquera, Vallerye. "Community Leaders but not Political Candidates: Paradoxes of Belonging, Power Relations and Alternatives to Formal Politics in a Majority-Minority California County." 2012.

Mueller, Megan. "Radical Healing: Restoring hope in urban youth through afterschool programming." 2017.

Murillo-Barrack, Cristina. "Concientizando una Lucha, The Struggle for Community Engaged Conservation in Nicaragua's Pacific Isthmus." 2019.

Neas, Sally Elizabeth. "Fostering Affective Climate Engagement Among Youth Through Digital Storytelling." 2019.

Noory, Samir Ahmad. "Vulnerable Afghan Immigrants' Resettlement and Integration Challenges in Sacramento: The Example of the PC-ICM Program." 2019.

Pannkuk, Margaret Rose. "Predictability, Adaptability, Immediacy: Encountering Perceptions of Shelter in Sacramento, CA." 2018.

Pardo, Veronica. "The Domes at UC Davis: A Conflict-Ridden Narrative." 2012.

Pon, Bryan. "Designing affordable solar lighting: Energy-efficient LED design reduces payback to 5 months for Zambian customers." 2012.

Portillo, Emma Ruby. "Housing as a Human Right vs. Housing as a Commodity:
A closer look at landlord-tenant relations in Long Beach, California."

Preston, Christina Edith. "The Gerlach Public History Project: Community Participation in Preserving a Rural Nevada Town." 2016.

Rodriguez, Maria Elena. "Barriga Llena, Corazón Contento: Puerto Rican Women's Perspectives on Food, Identity, and US Influence on the Island." 2013.

Tanaka, Yoshiatsu. "Motivation for Contribution to Volunteered Geographic Information in Nepal." 2017.

Uliasz, Alena Marie. "Voices of the Rain: Indigenous Language Justice in California." 2018.

Van Steenis, Erica Jeanne. "Matters of Healing: A Community Based Organization that Works?
An Ethnographic Case Study of Sunset Youth Services."

Wang, Chunling. "Community Participation in Climate Protection Actions, A Case Study of Climate Change and Community Sustainability Planning in the City of Davis, California." 2009.

Willoughby, Raven Ashton. "Understanding the Role of Grassroots Organizations in Empowering Marginalized Communities for Political Engagement." 2015.

Yee, Joycelyn M.U. "From Survival to Thriving: Creating New Counter-stories About South Oak Park, Sacramento." 2020.