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Community Development Grad Group Student Theses

Allen, Yvonne. "Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren: Educational Impacts in the Latina/o Community ." 2015.

Boule, Danielle. "Beyond blank and white: Understanding the sociocultural dimensions of 'healthy' food access in South Sacramento." 2012.

Cole-Weiss, Alexandra. "Food, Politics, and Aesthetics: Communities of Sense in Sacramento Urban Gardens." 2016.


Einterz, Frances. "Skim Milk Tastes Like Water: Assessing the Impact of a Nutrition Program for Women in the San Joaquin Valley." 2017

Erez, Galit. "Iraqi Resettlement in Sacramento: The Role of the State in Shaping Iraqi Refugees' Experiences." 2011.

Erica, Van Steenis. "Matters of Healing: A Community Based Organization that Works? An Ethnographic Case Study of Sunset Youth Services." 2014.

Harris, Therese. "'I Learn From You and You Learn From Me': The Importance of Women, Authentic Relationships, and a Holistic Approach to WaSH in Developing Countries." 2012.

Holmqvist, Alexandra. "The Effect of Inclusionary Zoning on Racial Integration, Economic Integration, and Access to Social Services: A Davis Case Study." 2011.

Johnson, Michael. "Economic Sustainability Meets Social Inclusion: The Implications of the Municipal Identification Card Program in the City of Oakland, California." 2012.

Jones, Erica. "Yolo County design guidelines." 2008.

Khan, Jamila. "Building Community Online: Social Media Use in Sacramento Area Neighborhood and Homeowner Associations." 2011.

LaRochelle, Margaret. "An Analysis of Youth Poems from River Words: Environmental Identity, Education, and Youth Development." 2010.

Lasiter, Tiva Jean. "Empowering Youth through Participatory Mural Making." 2013.

Li, Xijia (Annie). "Between Dream and Reality: Analysis of a Participatory Design Project." 2016.

Lopez Ramirez, Rosalba. "Deep Culture: With Wings On The Roots." 2014.

Louie, Brandon. "Healthy Participation: Youth-led Participatory Action Research and Community Health Promotion in West Sacramento." 2016.

Lupine, Ena. "Inclusionary Sustainability: Anti-Displacement Recommendations for California's Climate Investments." 2017

Lyons, Felicity. "Livestock Processing in the Sierra Foothills: An Evaluation of a Rural Development Project." 2012.

McGuire, Amy. "Social Capital Development in Youth Development Programming: A Case Study of California 4-H, Youth, Families and Communities Youth Development Program." 2012.

Metes, Jennifer. "Dead Birds, Data & Decision-Making: Ways the COASST Program & Agencies Interact Through Citizen Science." 2017.

Monroe, Abby. "Social Equity and EcoDistrict Development: Best Practices in Northern Europe and North America." 2012.

Mosquera, Vallerye. "Community Leaders but not Political Candidates: Paradoxes of Belonging, Power Relations and Alternatives to Formal Politics in a Majority-Minority California County." 2012.

Mueller, Megan. "Radical Healing: Restoring hope in urban youth through afterschool programming." 2017

Pardo, Veronica. "The Domes at UC Davis: A Conflict-Ridden Narrative." 2012.

Pon, Bryan. "Designing affordable solar lighting: Energy-efficient LED design reduces payback to 5 months for Zambian customers." 2012.

Rodriguez, Maria Elena. "Barriga Llena, Corazón Contento: Puerto Rican Women's Perspectives on Food, Identity, and US Influence on the Island." 2013.

Wang, Chunling. "Community Participation in Climate Protection Actions, A Case Study of Climate Change and Community Sustainability Planning in the City of Davis, California." 2009.