Welcome to the CDGG!


Community development is the process of working with diverse groups of people to achieve common goals. The field emphasizes grassroots work within place-based communities to improve social equity, economic opportunity, living conditions, public health, environmental justice, community food systems, and overall sustainability. But those with CD degrees may work at regional, state, national, and international scales as well. Helping people overcome disadvantage and addressing structural inequities related to race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, immigration status, and other factors is a major objective.

For more than 40 years the UC Davis’ Community Development Graduate Group has helped students combine social theory and scientific research with the acquisition of practitioner skills. CDGG students aim to:

  • CDGG
    Understand the history and theory of community development
  • Work with institutions and systems of power within communities
  • Engage and collaborate with different stakeholders
  • Build upon community assets to identify constructive solutions
  • Develop skills and knowledge related to their particular interests

We offer a two-year Masters degree that allows students great flexibility in exploring their own interest area. Our students are able to take advantage of courses, faculty, and facilities across the campus of one of the nation’s leading public universities. Although resources are limited, most of our students are able to obtain on-campus jobs that help fund their education.  

If you are a prospective student, especially from a diverse background, we hope you will consider applying. Our application deadline for the cohort beginning each Fall Quarter is January 15. Please contact Program Coordinator Carrie Armstrong-Ruport at the address below for more information.