Pooja (class of 2022) received the Grieshop Family Community Award in Community Education.

Pictured left to right Pooja and Catherine Brinkley.

Eric Chu received the Excellence in Faculty Advising Award in Community Development.

Eric Chu
Pictured left to right Gemma Waaland, Jouke Peutz and Eric Chu.

 Jouke Peutz and George Villa (class of 2022) received the Judy Erwin Excellence in Service Award in Community Development.

Jouke Peutz
Pictured left to right Nancy Erbstein, George Villa, Jouke Peutz and Catherine Brinkley.

Evan Schmidt (class of 2006) received the Ted Bradshaw Outstanding Alumni Award in Community Development.

Evan Schmidt
Pictured left to right Jonathon London, Patsy Owens, Evan Schmidt and Catherine Brinkley