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CDGG Symposium 2023

The second year cohort of the CDGG MS program celebrated on June 14, 2023 at the annual CDGG Symposium.  Susan Ellsworth (Class of 2011) received the Ted Bradshaw Alumni award, Cristian Ramos received the Grieshop Family Community Education award, Dylan Moore received the Judy Erwan Outstanding Graduate Student award and Jonathan London received the Outstanding Faculty Advisor award.  

In Memory of Isao

The Community Development Graduate Group honors Professor Emeritus Isao Fujimoto, who passed away peacefully on February 25, 2022, at the age of 88 at his home in Davis, California surrounded by family and friends. Isao worked at the University of California, Davis, for over 50 years, inspiring a network of students, faculty and community leaders who carry his legacy onward. (Read more)

Community Development Students Impact Policy as Part of Class

In Associate Professor Catherine Brinkley’s class, students don’t just learn about policy — they help to change it.  “This is literally going to impact people you see at the grocery store,” said Noah Sullivan, social services branch director of Yolo Health and Human Services, after watching the graduate students’ policy analysis presentation. “This is going to be a game changer… I’m excited to have you all thinking about it.”


Community Development Graduate Group MS Candidate, Mitchell Iwahiro, Receives an Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award.


The Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award (OGTA) recognizes the contributions of graduate students to teaching and learning at UC Davis. This is a tremendously important award as it honors outstanding graduate students, reminds the campus that teaching is a central part of the university’s mission, and can inspire students and professors to give increased attention to the educational process.


Preguntas Frecuentes En Español

Transforma Comunidades, Cambia el Mundo


Comience con una Maestría en Ciencias en Desarrollo Comunitario de la Universidad de California, Davis

Desarrollo Comunitario

Grupo de Graduados de la Universidad de California, Davis

Este programa trans-disciplinario combina la teoría y la práctica para lograr los objetivos de la comunidad local que en última instancia afectan el cambio regional, nacional y global.

George Villa featured on Center for Regional Change

Author: Cecilia Laura Morales

George Villa embodies kindness. And not in the way a stranger is kind for holding a door open or your grandma is kind for baking cookies.

After spending a day at a juvenile correctional facility in Stockton, Calif. doing healing work and sitting in traffic to get back to Davis, Villa spoke gently. He sat calmly, but there was a palpable passion surrounding everything he spoke about.

News & Events

  • Katie Valenzuela-Garcia received the 2017 Ted Bradshaw Memorial Graduate Alumni Award.
  • Meagan Mueller received the 2017 Judy Erwin Award for Excellence
  • Alena Marie received the 2016-17 Grieshop Family Student Award for Community Education